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YCC8 AGM - Annual General Meetings

According to the Condominium Act "The board shall hold a general meeting of owners not more than three months after the registration of the declaration and description and subsequently within six months of the end of each fiscal year of the corporation. 1998, c. 19, s. 45 (2)." "At an annual general meeting, an owner may raise for discussion any matter relevant to the affairs and business of the corporation. 1998, c. 19, s. 45 (3)."

An Annual General Meeting of the Corporation is held in the summer, usually at the Elmbank Community Center at 10 Rampart Road ( Martin Grove & Finch ). Notice of the meeting is served by the Board and the property manager in good time, and all unit owners are urged to attend and participate, or at the very least, appoint a proxy to act on their behalf. Attendance provides owners with an opportunity to take an active part in the administration and the operation of the complex, in which they have a vested interest. Keep your monthly maintenance fee up to date. Please note that an owner is not entitled to vote at a meeting if any contributions payable in respect of the owner's unit have been in arrears for 30 days or more at the time of the meeting, except where a vote of all owners on a particular issue is required under the Condominium Act.

Next AGM 2016 (date to be set)